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What is WHOIS Database?

130000 to 150000 new domains are registered globally every day. If you are into website development, hosting, SEO services, Digital marketing or even if you just need data of company owners, Then, this is what you need.

Plans & Pricing

All India Data


Per month

Global Data


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Reseller Plan


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WHOIS Features

  • You will get the WHOIS database of newly registered domain names as daily downloads.
  • Instantly get access 45 previous days worth of WHOIS data when your subscription is active
  • WHOIS records with privacy enabled are removed. You get a clean list of real ownership data.
  • Based on domain owner’s country, a database is generated categorised by country names.
  • Based on domain’s registrar company, a database is generated categorised by registrar names
  • A database can be downloaded in Excel Format.

Download Samples (click Here)